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Does Search Engine Optimization seem like a bunch of hocus pocus to you? As we are the Western Canada SEO Service experts, let us demystify the process for you right now.  Google is the library of the future. We are the publisher and the librarian. With a great title, and letting us choose where it goes in the library, people will definitely not only find your book but read it and talk about it.

Imagine not having to spend your money buying ads online or in the newspaper ever again. Why would you when you are constantly on the top of all the search results?

SEO produces the best return on investment and will boost your company’s visibility online generating more business. We use the most up to date information from Google along with the best SEO tools to get results.

We focus our SEO strategies in the following four areas:


Targeted Keyword Research

Our team of experts identify as many search terms as possible and then prioritize them by search volume, competitiveness and relevance to your business.


Customized On-Page Optimization

Next we make sure that your website is fully optimized using best practices and a little secret sauce. And since Google doesn’t particularly care for slow websites, we look at the load time and optimize it for speed.



When it comes to Google, content is indeed king! Each month we will add blog content created to align with the keyword strategy. Google doesn’t like stale lifeless websites, and having fresh, relevant content is one way to keep them coming back, hungry for more.

Not only does useful and relevant content help raise your SEO, but it also helps educate your customers to make the correct buying decision. (Hint, hint, that’s where you come in!)


Conversion Optimization

It is important to closely monitor how visitors are interacting with your website. With analytics and data from our tools, we can identify opportunities to improve conversion rates and increase lead generation. This is an ongoing process as we review, change, test and repeat.

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