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Web Design & Development

Web Design and Development

Just like you we think normal is kind of boring. Boring doesn’t get you out of bed in the morning. It doesn’t push you to new heights or continuedly achieve brilliant results. We like to challenge the same old way of doing things. We have the courage to question the status quo. We are obsessed with building websites from the ground up because you need a strong foundation to support the structure. No two businesses are the same and so no two websites should be the same. Death to templates! Long live custom design! We are web designers. That’s it. That’s our bread and butter and we like to think we are pretty good at it (yes, that was our attempt at a humble brag). Why do we focus on websites and only websites? Because you can’t become memorable by being a jack-of-all-trades. We enjoy the little pleasures of a great look, a well-designed piece of code, or a beautiful slider. I guess that makes us a little geeky but we’ve made our peace with that.

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AJ Frey, Fearless Leader

AJ has been creating websites for like a billion years. He knows how to meet or exceed your expectations. As chief nerd officer, he has mad skills that when combined, with his relentless dedication to excellence has him constantly surpassing his goals. His super power is that he can recite Star Wars word for word.

Nicole Wilks, Operations and Finance Manager

Nicole brings experienced leadership and communication skills from working in a variety of industries, specializing in rapid growth companies with complex personal and management problems. With a background in operations management, inventory management, production management, sales, and event management, she helps streamline business processes, saving clients’ time and money. Nicole takes care of a variety of roles, filling in gaps so she can best serve Rad Websites’s employees and customers. As a co-founding partner, she has built a strong team and systems to ensure that Rad Websites increases sales and market growth year over year, meeting all the company’s targets. She also has a strong track record in process development and improvement and repairing and engaging broken teams. Her superpower is loving all the dogs.

Joel Harris, Experienced Copywriter

Joel has worked in a variety of industries – from Vancouver tech start-ups to high-powered New York law firms. He has been working with Rad Websites since 2016, offering copy and SEO support. As author of On Copywriting: How to Make Money Writing he has taught thousands of students how to start their own writing business or increase their sales. Joel has also recently taken on RAD Sales as well. You can also find him at Ghostwriters & Co

Obren Markov, WordPress Master Extraordinaire

Lord Obren is the one responsible for ensuring your site works properly. He effortlessly turns a design into reality. Successfully navigating us through secure online space, using WordPress as the ship to reach the destination of your idea.

Robert Green, Life Long Artist

Robert Green is a life long artist, having began selling his artwork at the age of 17. Now in his late 30’s he continues expanding his market for his abilities and talents through painting, drawing, tattoo, and digital art and design. Currently based out of Peru he returns to Canada twice a year for three to four months at a time. He is also working at building a not for profit in Peru, with plans to expand into other less fortunate countries, to achieve the goal of feeding profits to the less fortunate and protecting the environment. Joining the team at RadWebsites during the summer of 2019 as the graphic designer for all of their Radical image needs for web design, info-graphics, and more!

I am pleased to be a part of a family of professionals that allows me to work on the road and remote. This helps a lot to further my own goals and dreams and gives me the freedom I need to achieve my goals. Its a huge bonus that I can also consider them good friends and we can trust eachother to do what we do best in all our given roles.

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