Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a one-size fits all, fly-by-night optimization strategy employed by SEO “experts” to place websites on Google’s page one. SEO takes time and effort and a little marketing know-how before any worthwhile results materialise. And then, you have AJ Frey and his Best SEO in Canada.

Any SEO expert who tells you otherwise, is either using blackhat techniques (which is frowned upon by Google), or is inexperienced at best. The minimum time for results to materialise is approximately 3 months. It could be sooner, but AJ Frey does not make wild promises.

AJ Frey is the owner of Best SEO in Canada and this is not a conjecture. Case in point, you found him because he is on Google’s page one. And that’s where you want to be. It’s why you’re here, right?

No surprises there. Given how being on page one of Google not only increases your visibility but can exponentially increase your clientele, i.e converting them from browsers to paying, revenue-generating clients; you would want the services of someone who has “been there and done that”.

But how did AJ Frey get to Google’s page one? Journey with me to understand why AJ Frey is on Google’s page one, and now offers the Best SEO in Canada. First let’s look at the man behind the plan. 

Who is AJ Frey?

AJ Frey is an incredibly brilliant Search Engine Optimization specialist aka SEO expert, who hates pay per click. Need we say more? Not really.

But since we like to go above and beyond, let’s tell you that his strategy, which he calls his secret sauce. It’s a white hat, Google-friendly strategy, guaranteed to get you positive search results on any search engine. 

AJ Frey is funny, but modest; charming and debonair, technologically savvy and did we say, handsome? Yes, he’s all that and more, but what he is above all that is experienced in what he does and determined enough to place you on Google’s page one, no matter the cost. 

It is no secret that AJ Frey is someone RAD, who makes Rad Websites, equipped with all the latest best practices and technology, and the creator of high-functioning, complex e-commerce stores that perform (you’ll find this on his RAD website–Canada’s Premier WordPress SEO Development Agency).

When you add the icing on the cake–some Rad Marketing–what you end up with is the Best SEO in Canada.  Some Characteristics of the Best SEO in Canada:


A fundamental characteristic of great SEO experts is that they have experience implementing SEO for themselves first. In addition, they should have a process, showing you how they intend to make your website a success. AJ Frey has been effectively implementing SEO strategies to websites for over a decade. 

Thought leadership

Another characteristic of great SEO experts such as A J Frey is thought-leadership. They must know what is happening in the industry and are able to adjust accordingly.

When you visit Best Seo in Canada it is apparent AJ Frey is keeping up with SEO best practices–after all, you made it here and are reading this article. AJ Frey is also eager to share tips with you that will help your business adjust for maximum impact.

Modest and funny

While not a criterion for best SEO in Canada, being modest and funny does add a nice touch.

For instance, if you’ve not yet read it, we encourage you to keep scrolling until you come upon the “Fresh Prince of Page One”. Written by AJ Frey, it is coined and sang to to the tune of the Fresh Prince of BelAir– that 90’s sitcom starring Will Smith.

The last verse reads: “I showed up on page one about seven or eight, and I yelled to the client, “Yo’, Holmes, Optimizin”. Looked at my website, I was finally done, to sit on my throne as the prince of page one”.

Funny right? You want to be on page one? Then AJ Frey’s your man. 

What Makes A Company The Best SEO in Canada?

Visit any ranking page where the best SEO companies are being compared around the world and you will find the following common factors:

  • Client results: It is impossible for any SEO company to rank as the Best SEO in Canada or anywhere in the world without driving results for your clients. AJ Frey has demonstrated his expertise in SEO and client service, and his clients speak for themselves. 
  • Client satisfaction: It doesn’t matter how good you are as a SEO agency, if you cannot provide exceptional customer service, you might as well pack it in. A J Frey’s constant five-star reviews and testimonials is a testimony to his clients’ continued satisfaction. 
  • Deliverables: Does your SEO company offer a turnkey SEO solution? No. Then you’re being short-changed. The best SEO in Canada provides clients with everything they need to launch and manage a successful SEO strategy. This includes search engine webmaster tools setup, implementing HTML coding best practices, local market and keyword\phrase research and regular reporting. 
  • Success factors: According to the global digital marketing agency WebFX, another distinctive factor between SEO companies is how they measure client success. Do they only look at rankings, or do they also look at real-world business metrics, like leads and revenue? The best SEO companies look at both, with an emphasis on real-world impact. As mentioned earlier, AJ Frey will help your business adjust for maximum, real-world impact.


You’ve learned about the Best SEO in Canada, AJ Frey–an incredibly brilliant Search Engine Optimization specialist aka SEO expert, who hates pay per click. In addition, you’ve also learned what makes a company the Best SEO in Canada: Client results, client satisfaction, deliverables and success factors–all attributes of AJ Frey. 

You’ve also learned that AJ Frey is not only modest and funny, but he is an experienced SEO expert with thought leadership skills and a determination to help you succeed in search engine optimization. 

He and his team offers a comprehensive range of SEO services, that is dedicated to driving traffic that will meet your lead, acquisition, or sales objectives. AJ Frey makes no conjectures. You should expect to see results in approximately 3 months. 

What Happens Next? 

Now it’s time to let us put our money where our mouth is. Browse our SEO plans to get started with the Best SEO in Canada, and complement that with a Rad Website designed by Canada’s Premier WordPress Development Agency. If you do, then we know today is going to be the beginning of the best time of your life.   

Hi! I’m AJ Frey, and I would love to hear from you. If you enjoyed this article and are in need of:

  • Digital marketing
  • A cool website, or
  • Improving your ranking on the search engines,

Contact me at 1 250 801 6588, or just leave a comment in the box below by way of introduction.

My team and I will help you build a RAD website that will not only attract customers through good design and cool integrations, but also via the best SEO. We work together with our clients to plan out and implement an extensive strategy. That will boost your website in the Google rankings.

We specialize in helping clients (small businesses to large enterprises) boost their online presence and get found on not only Google, but all the major search engines across the world.

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