As a business owner you’re juggling a hundred different balls in the air. You’re managing suppliers, customers, staff – the last thing you want to think about is your search engine optimization. After all, it’s difficult, time consuming, and technical. However, there are probably some signs in your business that you may want to invest some money into search engine optimization. Let’s find out about Signs You Need To Invest In Your SEO.

1. Your website isn’t showing up on search engines

This is the most obvious one and probably the one that is costing you the most business. It goes without saying, you should be easily found by search engines and ultimately your customers.
The goal of SEO is to make you rank very high for what you offer within your field. This is what makes SEO a powerhouse for a business of any size – you can easily scale your business. With SEO, it’s possible to be found as relevant by clients who never met you or your brand before. Your business can expand quickly without spending a ton of money to reach new clients using other, more traditional marketing methods.

Another thing to be aware of is a drastic loss of ranking. If you’ve read about any of the high-profile companies tumbling in Google rankings, you’ve probably figured out it can happen to anyone. Still, the effects can be devastating, all the more so when you don’t know the cause. Drops in ranking are a common occurrence after algorithm updates). Many websites also suddenly lose their position or are banned completely after incurring a penalty from Google, sometimes with site admin not even realizing they did anything wrong. So, this is one of the Signs You Need To Invest In Your SEO.

2. Your website is slow

This is another obvious one and just as important. Make sure your web pages and images on your site are optimized for loading speed. Amazon did a study and found that when their website loaded even a second slower than usual, they saw a drop in sales of millions of dollars. People are impatience and don’t’ want to wait
If your website isn’t performing well and you are in need of someone who just optimizes your website in such a way that all visitors find your website in a better way to understand and can quite easily navigate at your website, SEO Services is at your doorsteps.
Potential customers need to be able to find what they are looking for, and find it quickly. If someone gets ‘lost’ on your website and can’t find the information they need, they will move onto your competitors. Internal website linking is important. Having an organized and well laid out site, and menu structure is also a big part of an overall SEO strategy.

Once you add a page or post to your website, make sure to add some internal linking so that your site flows well, and also make sure that all important pages are easy to access.

3. You haven’t updated your website’s content

If your website have a blog function or updates, you need to take services of SEO. Having high quality SEO services not only improves the quality of content, but also optimize the contents based in keywords and thus in return gives you a better chance to rank high on Google.
With quality content, you can deliver your insights to the customers in a better way and can fulfill your goals to a great extent. Adding some interesting blog updates to educate your customer is a great addition, not only adding value to your customers but establishes yourself as a leader in your field.

4. Nobody can find your business in Google Maps

Google Maps is an amazing tool for businesses to get found and noticed online. With a shift toward more localized search in Google, the giant search engine has dramatically increased the importance of localized SEO.
Also, since Google grabs location data from a variety of sources, it’s possible for your business to appear in the wrong place on Google Maps. If your business isn’t showing up in the right place on Google Maps, it’s likely due to a lack of consistency in your name, address and phone number.

5. Your competitors are doing it

If you’re not showing up on Google it means your competition is doing a better job than you are.
As you’re probably well aware, the first page in a search engine means everything. In fact, in studies, it has been found that 92% of searchers don’t’ go past the first page. If you’re competition is ranking better than you, it’s definitely time to invest in some serious SEO. And gain some advantage back from them.


So, these are the Signs You Need To Invest In Your SEO. If you need some help determining the best SEO strategy for your business, talk to one of our strategists at Rad Websites. We’ll guide you through the difficultly help you define the best course of action going forward. And create a plan that is sustainable and effective.

If you are ready for a Rad Website you can fill out this personal consultation form or book a free 30 min consultation with the man himself with AJ the Rad Architect and your appointment will show up right in his Calendar.

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