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It’s no secret that in the age of social media infographics are popular. Chances are you see at least a dozen a week, more if you’re spending significant time on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Many popular websites use infographics to quickly get information across to their readers and they often go viral on social media. More importantly, a good infographic can help you build quality backlinks and enhance your website’s SEO.

If you are searching for a unique method that’s different than an ordinary blog to build backlinks from authoritative domains, infographics might be the solution for you.

What Makes Up A Good Infographic?

While there’s no secret formula to make a good infographic, there are some key aspects all share. These are three common elements good infographics all have:

  1. If your infographic has an eye-catching and amazing design, you can get people to stop scrolling and pay attention.
  2. A good infographic has to give useful and researched statistical data about an interesting topic.
  3. Just like other content, simply by publishing your infograph, you won’t have much success unless you do your best to promote it on social media or through email.

Encourage Sharing of Your Infographics

Creating an infographic is just half the battle. Next you need to start promoting it. An easy way to do this if you make it easy to share your Infographics through social media platforms. You should provide social media sharing icons over your Infographics. So, if a reader holds the mouse over the Infographics, he or she is able is able to share it with one click.

Submit to Social Bookmarking Sites

The importance of Social Bookmarking Sites in the promotion of Infographics cannot be undermined. Sites such as Reddit, Quora, Stumbleupon, and Digg, and are popular visits with millions of daily users. Submission on such sites exposes your Infographics to a large audience and greaten the chance your infographic will go viral. They can like, vote, and share your Infographics.

Submit to Infographics Directories

You didn’t think these existed, did you? Submission on Infographics Directories can provide good backlinks for your website. A good example is Infographic Post which is a very authoritative Infographics directory site. It’s a very popular site, and you are likely to get a large number of views and shares for your Infographics once you submit on this site. While some of them require you to register, most of these sites are free to submit.

Email Popular Bloggers

You can promote your Infographics by emailing to bloggers who have active followers and publish on a regular schedule. If your Infographics is done brilliantly and interests other bloggers, they are likely to write about your Infographics and give backlink to your website.

Create an Embed Code for your Infographics

While this is somewhat technical, it’s a good technique to help spread the word. Once you have published your infographic on your website and shared it across your social media platforms, the next thing you need to do is to create an embed code for your Infographics.
It is a simple HTML code that boggers and others can use for easily sharing your Infographics. They simply need to put the embed code on their website which automatically posts your Infographics.

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