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How Voice Search Will Effect SEO

Did you know as many as 20% - 25% of search queries are performed by a voice command? With Google’s new AI Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, there is no doubt that voice search and command is the future. Whether you’re personally using voice search or not, it’s already shaping SEO and how your company is found online. Voice Search is Often Local.

Signs You Need To Invest In Your SEO

As a business owner, you’re juggling a hundred different balls in the air. You’re managing suppliers, customers, staff – the last thing you want to think about is your search engine optimization. After all, it’s difficult, time-consuming, and technical. However, there are probably some signs in your business that you may want to invest some money into search engine optimization.

4 SEO Myths That Can Be Hurting Your Buisness

Search Engine Optimization is a fast-changing field that is constantly moving and shifting as Google keeps changing the rules about how they operate. Part of the problem is that Google doesn’t tell us exactly what those changes are as they protect their algorithms are top secret. Because of this, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding SEO and how to best make it on the first page of Google. Here are a 4 of the most common myths that we’d like to dispel.

Why It’s Important To Keep SEO Momentum Going

It’s a great accomplishment when you reach the first page of Google. You probably have an influx of clients and a boost in revenue. All those blogs, white papers, website links, and digital marketing efforts are finally paying off. You’re successful enough that you don’t have time, or perhaps the will, to market yourself. After all you’re a success so that means you can take your foot off the pedal, right? WRONG!
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