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5 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website

No other content management system offers versatility and manageability than WordPress. It affords a CMS solution unlike any other if you’re building a corporate website, personal blog, or digital magazine. One of the reasons why it’s irreplaceable is because of the abundance of plugins. What Are WP Plugins? Essentially, these…

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Why You Need to Build an e-Commerce Website

This COVID-19 2020 pandemic has caused a lot of disruptions and changes in our daily lives, our way of living, employment, businesses, and most of all our finances. It broke us from our normal movement, our daily routine. Norms have changed. Big and small businesses closed. People were kept inside;…

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Tips on How to Create an SEO-Friendly FAQ Page

The FAQ page offers more than just information. For the consumer’s perspective, it answers common questions related to the brand, product, or service. When optimized, this page becomes a useful sales tool and a source of SEO content. Although this page isn’t designed as an aggressive marketing ploy, it helps…

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Local SEO Guide: The Importance of E-A-T

Over the years, the internet has been under constant development to adapt to the current needs of the technological industry. One of the most important entities on the internet is the existence of search engines, which has gradually developed starting from 1993’s Archie search engine up to today’s dominance of…

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How Long Does SEO Take to Work?

The single most important question for a business or brand which is about to spend money on search engine optimization is how long it takes before results start coming in. We’ve been asked that question countless times over, and frankly, there’s no direct answer. The leading issue in trying to…

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A Comprehensive Guide to Local SEO in 2021

In this comprehensive SEO guide, we're going to show you how you can win at search ranking in 2021. Small and medium-sized businesses rely on local search more than ever. Seven out of 10 consumers search Google to obtain local information. So, if your business website isn’t optimized for local…

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Google AdWords Not Working?: 5 Mistakes You May Be Making

Mistakes in Google AdWords Aren’t Always Obvious We all make mistakes with Google Ad Words. Seriously, all of us. It’s a tricky platform to navigate around, let alone optimize. Generating steady revenue from Google AdWords is entirely possible (ask our clients!) – but it’s easy to make mistakes when setting…

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A Guide To Adapting Your Marketing Strategy Post COVID

Even for the strongest brands, COVID-19 has had a notable impact on businesses around the world. While some industries experienced a boom – (food delivery services have never been so rampant) – most saw a decline in revenue over the last few months. Unfortunately, we aren’t out of the woodwork…

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Why Just A Great Website Design Won’t Give You Any ROI

Your Websites Fundamental SEO Is More Important Than Design There’s no dispute that a website should be well designed, with a creative branding structure that really sells your business to web visitors. Right? No-one wants an ugly website. But the online marketing industry has fallen into somewhat of a dangerous…

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It’s 2020: Is Javascript Dead?

Whether or not JavaScript is dead has no clear, forward answer. The world of web development is fast changing to say the least, with new languages and protocols seeming to pop up every couple of minutes. Remember when HTML Flash was a thing? But a strange debate we’ve been hearing…

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