Portfolio Case Studies

Portfolio Case Studies, Lets be honest this is our proud wall and we are cool with that. Its Pretty Rad take a look.

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“AJ and his crew are amazing. They go beyond what is asked of them. Highly recommend. They will help you unlock your potential online and offline.”

John B. Goode

Turtle Bay IT – Owner

Portfolio Case Studies

“I have dealt with many web designers in the past and would not recommend them to my worst enemy. Now that I have found RAD Websites, they’re stuck with me for life!

The RAD Websites team built exactly the site I asked for and in the time frame & price originally quoted. For those that have not dealt with a web designer before, you may think this is the norm. Let me tell you, it is NOT!

I hate long reviews, but websites are involved and intricate, so a long review is inevitable. You can most definitely stop reading this Portfolio Case study here and contact RAD Websites, you won’t be disappointed, but for those that like to research service providers and don’t mind a little light reading, here it is:

I’ve had websites in the past for different businesses, so I knew exactly how I wanted this site to look and function. RAD Websites did exactly that and more. They were able to find plugin’s and other managing software/app’s that help me streamline my online operations, which save me time and money. They did this without suggesting I needed a “custom built site” which seems to be other designers ‘go to’, as it allows for more billable hours.

Most other designers I have worked with use a basic standard platform and discovery questions and end up building you a ‘cookie cutter’ site which will never function or look the way you envisioned. This is common as it’s the easiest and fastest way for designers to make money.”


“ If you ask for more or expected more because they ‘sold you a site that would run NASA’, they then re-quote the job and charge you WAY more, claiming they didn’t understand your needs in the first instance. This common ‘bait and switch’ scam used by many service providers, particularly web designers.

By the time you’ve reach this point you’re already committed and probably paid a good chunk of your budget. You get stuck with a site you’ll end up replacing a lot sooner than planned and spending double or even triple your original budget. Finding a company that can get this right the first time is RAD!

Yes there is an abundance of DIY website software available. But let’s face it, none of us have the time or knowledge required to create our own well maintained site properly represented on the www. I can assure you the team at RAD Websites know exactly the right questions to ask to get you exactly what you need and your SEO positioned accordingly.

Businesses seem to have no problem paying for fancy store fronts to make their business look great, but for some reason it comes to building a site they want to pay as little as possible or feel they don’t need one. In this day in age, a website is the businesses brick and mortar and SEO positioning is the front door. You want buyers to open that door then make it available for them to find you. You will get your ROI out of a well built and maintained site. RAD Websites definitely delivers, you won’t be disappointed.”

Carrie Dhensaw

Moose and Squirrel Bistro – Co-Founder

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AJ Frey

Founder of Rad Websites

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