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Account: Cambie Roofing Report

Cambie Roofing

specializes in providing outstanding new roofs, re-roofing, repair and maintenance for residential, commercial, and industrial projects of all shapes and sizes. They have over half a century of experience in the roofing and drainage industry. They focus on high quality service, transparency and understand the unique challenges when approaching both smaller residential projects or highly complex industrial or commercial jobs.
Cambie Roofing came to us because they knew that they had to stand out in a very competitive Vancouver roofing market where there is tons of competition. Although they were an established company with a roaster of clients, they wanted to grow their business and showcase online why they were better. Since roofing is seasonal, they also wanted to decrease their downtime where their roofers didn’t have as much work in the colder months which would optimize their labour and boost productivity.
While roofing is a very traditional business based upon a lot of referrals, more frequently people are searching online for reputable roofers. More people are doing research and due diligence online. Cambie Roofing knew they had to have good reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau, and an online presence in order to compete with other companies.
Another hurdle Cambie Roofing faced was standing out in an industry that is known for poor service and scams. They knew that once someone hired Cambie roofing the customer would go away highly satisfied with the quality of work and level of customer service. However, getting past that initial hesitation proved to be a challenge.
Like many roofing companies, Cambie Roofing had previously invested a significant amount in a marketing company without the desired results and so, although they were keen when we first spoke with them, they were also hesitant about going down the same path. We knew that we would have to show value and execute with results.

Our Solution

Cambie Roofing Home PageThey didn’t have a focused marketing game plan that consistently brought new opportunities. Instead they would arbitrary and sometimes half-heartedly try various marketing efforts and, of course, it would rarely translate into sales. They needed a focused marketing system that allowed themselves to position their company as experts and an authority while making it easy for their estimators to sell roofs.
As any digital marketer knows, the website is the hub of all online marketing efforts which is why we decided to first give them a new and updated feel that would gain them credibility and authority within the industry. While it can hard to quantify good website design, a modern feel definitely helps increase sales.
We built the website with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, giving us greater control of how we ranked and what we could accomplish with the website. Our design team spent weeks with Cambie Roofing going over the website wireframe to ensure that they got the look and feel they wanted. One of the key aspects we wanted to get right was to ensure that their brand message came through loud and clear. After many discussions, the unique selling proposition we thought they should highlight was the company had been family run for over 50 years.
Once we settled on the message, we needed to ensure everything we did encompassed their brand messaging. The design was complete, and we handed it over to the developers who implemented the wireframe and built the website.
An aspect we felt strongly about was providing a Roofing 101 section which was a resources tab. This section would provide value to their customers and establishes Cambie Roofing as an authority on all roofing-related information. This included a Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ) which increases searchability since a lot of search queries are in the form of questions.


Cambie Roofing Blog PageWhile building a great looking website helps, the next step was to actually get the website found on Google. One aspect we debated over was whether we wanted to do any type of paid advertising. As mentioned, the roofing industry is highly competitive and as a result, the cost per click (CPP) is extremely expensive. A roofing company can easily spend thousands of dollars each month solely on paid advertising, usually with mixed results. We felt that organic search growth provided more stable, long term results. Cambie Roofing agreed and so we focused all our efforts on SEO.
With the website live, we had to go through and implement all the SEO pieces. This included setting up Google My Business (GMB), Google Console (formally Google Webmaster) and ensuring all the right keywords were inserted into the text and each page had the correct meta description. Since the Projects page is particularly important to potential clients, we had to ensure that they had professional-grade photos to clearly showcase the type of quality work Cambie Roofing, but we also had to correctly size each picture to increase loading speed time, which is one of the key measurement factors Google looks at.
Once the initial setup was done, we now had to provide fresh and relevant content based upon the extensive keyword research we did in the market. We wrote long-form, quality content based upon the research we did. Our initial approach was to be aggressive, publishing an article every two weeks. But as we saw Cambie Roofing climb in ranking, eventually claiming the converted first-page result they were looking for, we decided to ease back on the blog posting to once a month.
Our content talked about everything someone wanted to know when researching roofing options. While most of the content was generalized, giving the blogs more of a soft sell, we also reinforced Cambie’s brand positioning as a family run business that gave quality service.


Cambie was about to significantly increase their business through our marketing results. Cambie Roofing is on the top search results for important keywords such as “Vancouver roofing company” and “best roofing companies” in both search and map results. This ensures that Cambie Roofing gets a constant stream of calls and emails asking for estimates which eliminated the problem of having seasonal dips in business, allowing them to forecast sales and adequately adjust their business as necessary. Contact us now to have a similarly rad experience. especially if you want to have “amazing service with the personal touch”. That’s Richies actual testimonial.

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