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Arsen Krekovic, a personal injury lawyer, has spent his entire career, and is still working as a partner with Hoogbruin & Company, an experienced and reputable law firm in the heart of downtown Vancouver. He first approached us because he wanted to increase the number of visits to his website and ultimately get people contacting him online.
Before Arsen worked with us, he was finding it was a feast or famine cycle. He would get a lot of clients, but then he wouldn’t have time to find new ones and so he would go through a period of lulls. He wanted to fill these gaps in his schedule, and just as importantly, he wanted an automated marketing system so he didn’t have to go out and prospect.
Arsen understood the power of Google rankings and search engine optimization (SEO). However, he just didn’t have the time to implement any type of marketing himself and he wanted a marketing company that would be able to work with to fill that hole for him.
At Rad, we analyzed the situation, we saw that to move the dial forward and get him more clients we had to market aggressively. The first thing we had to do was create a new website for him, separate from the Hoogbruin & Company website to showcase him his individual skill and complement his existing SEO.

Creating A Separate Brand

We sat down with Arsen over several weeks, got to know him, his personality, and what type of clients he was looking for. We then developed a website wireframe that spoke about his ICBC specialty and why clients should hire him.
Arsen loved the initial design which we then gave to our developers to create. While this was going on, we did some keyword research into his competition. With over 5,000 lawyers working in Vancouver and 500 entering the field every year, we knew we had to carve out a niche for Arsen. We decided to focus on some long-tail keywords that were not as competitive which would give Arsen an edge.
Once the website was done, we ensured that it was SEO optimized. We knew from the start that we needed to create some great content for him that was of value to his potential clients. This would get him an increase in traffic and an increase in rankings to his website. One of our key objectives which we pinpointed early on was we really wanted to establish Arsen as an authority in the field. People could come to his website and find the information and answers they were looking for – regardless if they hired him or not.

Delivering the Message

Arsen feels strongly that ICBC purposely makes things more complicated for accident victims. One aspect of his job that drives him is he can help people through a car accident and get the compensation they deserve. That is why we laboured intensively over the website copy to make sure that it not only fit in with Arsen’s style and personality but delivered the key messages. Arsen feels particularly past passionate about making the entire legal process easy and assessable for everybody – not just his clients – so they do not have to stress or worry about anything through the entire process. We wanted this to come through on the website and therefore we made sure that it is easy to navigate and easy to use.

Honing Down On The Keywords

Once the website was completed, we debated over what the perfect domain was for Arsen’s law practice. We decided on a couple of options: one that we thought was a strong contender was ‘Vancouver Injuries’ which had the relevant keywords that his potential clients would be searching with. However, after some additional research, we discovered that ‘Vancouver Injuries’ was actually mostly used by Vancouverites to search for Canuck news – not for searches related to ICBC. Therefore, we decided to redirect ‘Vancouver Injuries to which would be his main domain. This redirection allowed us to increase domain relevance and bring more people to Arsen’s website.

ICBC’s Shifting Landscape

One of our main objectives was for Arsen to become a key resource right up there with ICBC’s own website, giving people all the relevant information, not just the information ICBC wanted people to have. We knew that one of the key ways to do this was to create links to helpful pages.
When we started blogging, one of the challenges we faced was the changing rules and regulations within ICBC. When ICBC put a cap on damages, we came out with a blog post explaining what these new changes meant for people who had been in accidents. We saw a spike in traffic as people were researching and discovering what these laws meant to them.
While the new laws, capping minor injuries, had an effect on people in accidents, they also had an effect on the lawyers who made a living working and fighting with ICBC. Because we had already developed a complete marketing strategy, we were able to pivot and focus on the key cases that would allow Arsen to best work within the new ICBC structure. Because we already had momentum, we were able to get Arsen out in front of his competition as an authority on the new ICBC laws. This ensured that Arsen not only got more cased – but the right cases that he could best help with and made sense within his practice.

Where Are We Now?

The competition for Vancouver injury lawyer is still very fierce and probably even more so now that the laws have changed. We devised a strategy where we focused on the keywords and search terms with the most potential. The result is Arsen has gotten many new leads through the website but just as importantly, we have also increased both his Google authority in general and within the ICBC accident industry.
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